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Our School

A Vibrant Learning Environment

MANOS is a multi-cultural arts, crafts, and language studio, a comprehensive Spanish language learning center located in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood. We offer progressive language education that is centered in arts integration and harnesses the student’s creativity and imagination through child-driven projects and play-based learning. Individual classes and one-on-one instructional sessions are uniquely tailored to the language proficiency level and age of each student — from baby to toddler to adolescent through adulthood, MANOS delivers Spanish language instruction through an interactive, immersive learning methodology.

If you are looking to expose your kid to the Spanish language through a nurturing program, filled with art, songs, stories, date nights, open studio, community events — look no further than MANOS. If your child is already a native Spanish speaker or if your family is interested in learning Spanish together, consider one of our programs: academic, interactive, creative, and hands-on. All of our classes are enriched with our philosophy of nurturing learners and supporting them as they begin to explore, question, and create, with an emphasis on fostering consideration of others and respect for their diverse experiences.

Meet Our Staff

Here to Help Our Students Grow


Edurne Diaz

Founder & Teacher

Edurne Diaz moved to the United States from Spain eight years ago; and happily two years ago, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Lou. Like so many parents, Edurne wanted Lou to remain connected to her Spanish heritage and culture. She soon discovered that countless other parents also want their children to be raised bilingually, in some cases to conserve their Spanish language heritage and in other cases to expand their cultural and language horizons. After eight years of teaching Spanish
to native and non-native Spanish speakers, Edurne recently opened MANOS, her own after-school center located in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood.
Fluent in Spanish, English, and French, Edurne has an extensive background in languages, art, and education. She attended the prestigious Sorbonne and Paris Art School where she earned a BA in Art and Photography and subsequently completed an MFA at the International Center of Photography in New York. After finishing her education, Edurne relocated with her family to San Francisco where she originally worked as Spanish tutor and translator for large corporations and private individuals.
After her daughter arrived, Edurne began teaching Spanish to Lou and to the children of her friends and colleagues. Edurne believes that children learn and make sense of their world through first-hand experiences with people and via artistic expression, using interesting objects and materials. With this approach in mind, Edurne encourages children to immerse themselves in a second language through everyday, multi-cultural creative discovery and artistic activities. Complementing experiential language acquisition with focused arts and craft projects and music, classes at MANOS help to facilitate
bilingualism and multiculturism, where children learn to hear, understand, and speak a second
language with confidence and pride.

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