4 to 11 years old

Camps give us time to dive into lengthier projects like papier mache, batik painting, assemblage sculpture or clay. For our die-hard campers who return year after year (or week after week), we catalog all projects students complete & make every effort to avoid repeating projects!

Please email us at if you plan to send your child(ren) to 2 or more weeks of camp, a discount will apply. Please email us if you are registering more than 2 siblings for camp, as well. 

Indigenous Peoples' Day

Image by Martin  Courreges

October 12th

School might be closed, but Makers Mess is open! Sign up your mini maker for a day of fun and creativity.

Golden Gate Park Day!

WHEN: Monday, October 12th from 9am–1:30pm 

AGES: 4 to 10 yrs old

PRICE: $100 

Veterans Day

Nov. 11th

Kids will get the chance to go to a museum. We'll bring sketch books and colors! Learn how to come up with a concept, sketch out a design, and paint a beautiful piece inspired by the experience!

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov 11 from 9am–1:30pm 

AGES: 4 to 10 yrs old

PRICE: $100 

Thankgiving Camp

Colorful Leaves

Monday 23 November

Tuesday 24 Nov.

There will be drawing time, building time and making of art projects and activities inspired by nature. We will take a look at specific Native American tribes and create objects with this in mind. We may do some printmaking, some weaving, painting and collaging.We will also go for hikes through the neighborhood and Golden Gate Park.  

WHEN: Monday & Tuesday, Nov 23-24 from 9am–1:30pm 

AGES: 4 to 10 yrs old

PRICE: $200 

Christmas Camp

Christmas Lights on Trees

Dec. 21, 22 & 23

What's the most constructive, stimulating (not to mention festive) way to keep your children active and engaged on their odd days off from school?

Busy, adventure-filled days designed to knock the socks off any art-loving child, Holiday Camp is an intensive arts exploration full of thinking, making, seeing and doing.

Great Field Trips Tons of Hands-on Art Guest Artists Talented New Friends The Most Creative Environment in Town! Stretch your Vision Stretch your Skills 

A typical day at Manos Art's Holiday Camp is art, art and more art.

Art your child makes. 
Art your child learns about.
And art your child sees.

WHEN: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Dec 21, 22 & 23 from 9am–1:30pm 

AGES: 4 to 10 yrs old

PRICE: $300 

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