4 to 11 years old

Camps give us time to dive into lengthier projects like papier mache, batik painting, assemblage sculpture or clay. For our die-hard campers who return year after year (or week after week), we catalog all projects students complete & make every effort to avoid repeating projects!

Please email us at if you plan to send your child(ren) to 2 or more weeks of camp, a discount will apply. Please email us if you are registering more than 2 siblings for camp, as well. 

For Summer camps will offer extended care until 4:30pm. you will be able to sign up fo it the week before the camp. 


 Summer Camp "Make + Play Camp"

June 6-10

Do you like to make things you can use and play with? We'll be creating all sorts of fun things in Spanish that will provide loads of fun through the summer! Games, dioramas, toys, inventions and more! Studio and Golden Gate Park!


Summer Camp "Famous Artists"

June 13-17

This session, we'll focus on modern artists of all sorts of backgrounds, learn about their lives and create art inspired by their work!. And we'll work on our Spanish vocabulary! Studio and Golden Gate Park!


Summer Camp "Little Architects"

June 20-24

Extra special camp, we seriously can't wait for this one. Come build your own real house or model house and then spend all week designing wallpaper, furniture, people, and more. Studio and Golden Gate Park!


Summer Camp "Tinker + Create Studio"

June 27-July 1

Do you love to try new ideas? Create art from recycled objects? Play around with your art? You're going to love tinkering, designing, and building with all of the cool materials we have in the studio! Part art making, part design challenge.This is going to be so much fun! Studio and Golden Gate Park!


Summer Camp "Mixed Media Masterpieces"

Jul 5-8

Mixed Media Masterpieces: Enjoy a week of drawing, painting, collage, and more as we explore and combine materials in a variety of ways.  Studio and Golden Gate Park!


Summer Camp "Sculpture Studio"

July 11-15

Clay, paper mache, plaster, wire, fabric, and more.. we're going 3D this week! You don't need a 3D printer to bring something with dimension to life- you need your own two hands! Come check it out! Studio and Golden Gate Park!


Summer Camp "Painting + Drawing"

Jul 18-22

Do you love to paint and draw? Want to learn more about various styles and techniques or transform an idea into an image? You'll love using the best painting and drawing materials this week to create wonderful works of art! Studio and Golden Gate Park!


Summer Camp "DIY Designers: Projects for the Coolest Room!"

Jul 25-29

Do you want to decorate your bedroom with awesome projects that you've made yourself? You'll love camp this week! From lanterns to wall hangings, pillows, and more, you'll design the most awesome accessories for your special space.