Mini Makers

 Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday (Jan-May)


Join us for a special class just for the littlest littles! Part sensory/ part artmaking experience, this class will provide first creative experiences for older infants and young toddlers. We will play with light, sound, smells, and sights and offer various developmentally appropriate activities to delight the senses, exploring color, texture, smell using safe, non-toxic, taste safe materials. Designed to nurture and stimulate the creativity and imagination of young children in a foreign language. Enter a world of original Spanish stories, songs. No Spanish experience required for child or caregiver.

 Mondays Jan 13th - May 4th (12 classes)



Wednesday Jan 15th - May 6th (15 classes)  

50 minutes per week.

Maximum 6 children per class.

Winter/Spring Session -

Monday classes 12 classes $300

Wednesday 15 classes $375

ART, Play & Spanish
Monday & Thursday

3 years - 5 years

In this class, children will discover materials and art processes that delight the senses. Here, Spanish, art and play intersect. Sometimes our class will focus on a theme or book (Spanish), while other times we will explore the endless possibilities of paint, clay, and other materials. There will always be  time for art experimentation, testing, and play! Each week a special project will come home with you!  Throughout the session, we will have guest artists, and overall interesting people joining us to make art with the kids.

Drop-off: kids only.  

90min. per week.

Maximum 6 children per class.

Monday Jan 13- May11


Thursday Jan16-May 14

9:30am - 11:00am

Winter/Fall Session - $630


Art Through the Ages Fridays

6 years - 9 years

Let us be your tour guide as we time travel and visit artists through the ages... exploring and discovering famous artists and their amazing personal and professional stories! We'll learn Spanish vocabulary while we the whole process. We will make a fresh, modern interpretation of each artist's work every week.. using paint, collage, drawing, and more!

Friday  Sept 13 - Dec 20 (13 classes)

2:15pm - 3:45pm

1.5 hour per week.

Maximum 6 children per class.

13 classes / 90 min: $455

Click, Click...Photo!!

9 years - 12 years

Photography is a great way to allow children to explore and expand their creativity. In this fun-filled photography class, students will learn more than how to take “selfies” with a smart phone. They will become immersed in the history of photography including how to make a camera obscura and the incredible process that takes place inside their camera every time they take a picture.

Motivated to experiment with different techniques and types of photography in both indoor and outdoor settings, students will be guided – all in Spanish – by a photographer who will help them create their own photographic portfolios.

We'll end the Session with an exhibition where family and friends will enjoy the beautiful photo projects. All cameras and photographic equipment will be supplied by MANOS.

Parents and caregivers are not required to attend.

1.5 hours per week.

Maximum 6 children per class.

Thursday January 9 -  April 4

3:30pm - 5:00pm

Winter Session - $500 (13 classes/90min)

Lights! Camera! Action! Stop Motion

9 years - 12 years

Lights! Camera! Action!

Students will work to create animation projects that include, but are not limited to claymation, toy animation, hand draw animation, and more. Through the process of creating these films the students will work on story and character development, camera technique, frame-by-frame image capturing, video editing, and more! 

A great class for students who love animation and art - drawing, sculpting, etc. All projects will be edited and a DVD will be provided to every child in the class.

All video equipment and materials will be supplied by MANOS.

1.5 hours per week.

Maximum 6 children per class.

Thursday :45pm - 5:15pm

Spring Session - $500 (11 classes)

Academic Spanish

An Exceptional Learning Experience

This Academic Spanish course is designed for children and adults with or without previous exposure to the Spanish language. The goal of the class is to build speaking, reading, and writing confidence. Creative language learning games are used to make speaking Spanish engaging, natural, relevant, and enjoyable. Grammar and vocabulary skills are taught in a personalized way that reflects the interests and learning needs of each of the students in the class. The entire class is conducted in Spanish.
Private or group classes. These classes can be conducted at MANOS or in the student’s home. Specific classes will be tailored to the age ranges of the students. Please contact us at
415. 595.5130 for more information.


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