Whether your child is in a Dual-Language Spanish Program, is a native Spanish speaker, or is curious about the Spanish language and would like to start learning–our teacher’s will find a place of fun and joy in the classroom setting. Learn through play-based engagement with songs, movement games, and thoughtful and complex art projects that are fueled by the children’s individual interests and preferences. Children may be seen building a circus out of blocks, using papier-mâché to make a planet of their own, learning stop-motion animation, creating their own mask and embodying a character, exploring how water moves in a class-made river, and creating a 3D art piece about water pollution.

The Spanish language is taught naturally in this all-immersive Spanish environment and through the various themes and projects; however, direct Spanish instruction happens through visual language games and projects that emphasize specific Spanish vocabulary and grammar structures.

Children of all levels and Spanish-speaking backgrounds are encouraged to speak Spanish naturally while engaged in captivating workshops designed to both educate and entertain. Our integrated approach specifically engages the child in lively and creative activities to enhance developmentally appropriate skills in a foreign language. We believe in a supportive and encouraging learning environment where children feel a part of our learning community and are prepared to take risks in a safe-space.

The daily schedule therefore includes a balance of stimulating and relaxing developmentally appropriate activities. Outdoor activities will take place in the neighborhood parks and playgrounds.

Snacks are provided for children in both programs and include foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, hummus and crackers.


After School Spanish Monday & Thursday

KG - 5th grade

The  Spanish Classroom. . Here children learn Spanish at their own pace inspired by the wonder of nature and their friends. They develop deep relationships with their peers and the environment, while growing to be independent and kind leaders. The everyday little challenges foster problem solving skills, endurance, self-direction and cooperation.  Exploring new paths cultivate curiosity, flexibility, courage, and comradeship. The adventure will experience in Spanish. Everyday they will learn new vocabulary, expressions and grammar. 

Studio and Golden Gate Park!



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Colorful Book Spines

Academic Spanish

An Exceptional Learning Experience

This Academic Spanish course is designed for children and adults with or without previous exposure to the Spanish language. The goal of the class is to build speaking, reading, and writing confidence. Creative language learning games are used to make speaking Spanish engaging, natural, relevant, and enjoyable. Grammar and vocabulary skills are taught in a personalized way that reflects the interests and learning needs of each of the students in the class. The entire class is conducted in Spanish.
Private or group classes. These classes can be conducted at MANOS or in the student’s home. Specific classes will be tailored to the age ranges of the students. Please contact us at
415. 595.5130 for more information.